To The Realm of Hades

Side project inspired by Ulysse 31 famous ship: the Odysseus.

UPDATE November 4, 2018

No Way Back Home, another shot inspired from Odysseus myth. Simulations (ocean + sky) and composition are done in #houdini. All is rendered by #redshift in one pass. I use #3dsmax for modeling, #substancepainter for texturing, #mixamofor rigging, #ae for color correction and final output. Ocean & foam aren’t perfect for sure (first try) but I like the spirit 😅

Duration: 11 sec
Total frames: 330
Ocean displacement 2k textures (cusp in alpha): 11 GB
Ocean foam particles: 8 GB (3.3 Millions)
Sky clouds voxels: 2 GB (60 Millions)
Odysseus mesh: 20 MB
Odysseus 4k pbr textures: 150 MB
Ulysses mesh: 15 MB
Ulysses 4k pbr textures: 160 MB
Corinthian Column mesh: 5 MB
Corinthian Column 4k pbr textures: 195 MB

2 Area Lights
1 Dome Light
Volumetric Lighting + Fog
Global Illumination: Brute Force + Irradiance Point Cloud (16 spp)

CPU: AMD Rysen ThreadRipper x1950
GPU: 2x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
RAM: 128 GB DDR4

Samples Per Pixel: Min 4, Max 1024
Resolution: 1080p
Image Format: OpenEXR
Render time per frame: ~ 6 min
Total render time: 34 h (could be much better with AOV export I think)

UPDATE October 19, 2018

A couple of #redshift renderings I made during free time.

UPDATE July 16, 2018

I made this short simulation during these last weekends. The Redshift rendering isn’t perfect for sure. I’m struggling with my GTX 980 Ti and I pray Nvidia everyday to release new affordable hardware for small freelancers. Then I’ll be able to render this in HQ. Models, Textures, Simulations, Music and Sound Effects are homemade.


UPDATE June 01, 2018

Single shot from the ongoing rendering of a new 300 frames pyro sim (109giga).

UPDATE May 30, 2018

Fine-tuning pyro sim.

UPDATE May 24, 2018

Here is another concept: “Embrace of Calypso”, all rendered with #houdini and #redshift#3dsmax for models, #substancepainter for texturing.

UPDATE May 22, 2018

Another quick render, very noisy :/


UPDATE May 20, 2018

This a short Houdini simulation with the ship.
I used Redshift for rendering. Sound effects are made by myself using an old Roland JP-8080.

UPDATE Dec 23, 2017

I finally applied a few bump and old metal textures. This piece is much more bigger then I though 😐

UPDATE Nov 11, 2017

Testing SP IRAY Renderer. Pretty effective and FAST!

SETUP Apr 12, 2015

Here are screenshots of an underground work in progress: Ulysse famous ship, the Odysseus.
For now, I only did the main topology with 3DS Max but texturing with Substance should come soon or late.

The Odysseus orbiting planets or travelling through deep space should make a nice scene.

QTo The Realm of Hades

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  • fripi - September 12, 2015 reply

    Excellent, je veux une impression 3D :-p

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