QFX Terrain, Toolset for Unity HDRP

QFX Terrain is a toolset helping you to create detailed tessellated terrains under Unity HDRP.

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This package contains:

  • a Custom LayeredLit Shader supporting Distance-Based Tessellation and more than 4 HDR materials (up to 8),
  • a scattering tool based on the splatmap RGBA channels,
  • a fully editable and playable demo scene,
  • several starter assets like SpeedTree models and a couple of HDRP-ready textures.


  • 3 Free SpeedTree Models with LOD
  • 5 Quixel PBR Textures
  • 1 HDRi Environment map (hdrihaven.com)


The purpose of this project is exclusively experimental.
The Custom LayeredLit shader in this project is based on the Unity LayeredLit shader and its built-in macros. If any change is made by Unity on this part and make your project unstable or not working, the owner of this package won’t be responsible, in any circumstances, for the malfunction of your project.

The grass/details shader doesn’t work under Unity HDRP. I hope they can fix it soon but you can find a few GPU Instiancer tools on the AssetStore.

Some of the users have reported they can’t paint on the terrain.
In order to fix that, you have to be sure your splatmaps assigned to the QFXTerrainMaterial are coming from your TerrainData and not from the imported textured, as illustrated on this image:








Here is the hip file containing the cop2net node in charge of exporting the splat textures.

Inside Landscape node, you’ll find the cop2net node:

Inside the cop2net, you’ll find the setup to export proper Unity Splat Textures for your Unity Terrain:

By selecting the ROP File Output nodes, you can then press “Render” button to export your textures:

Unreal workflow under development:

QQFX Terrain, Toolset for Unity HDRP


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  • Sam Z - December 20, 2020 reply

    Hey! Is it working with the latest Unity’s 2020.2 release with HDRP 10.2.2?
    I assume they changed a lot of HDRP stuff there (as always)…

    Q - December 20, 2020 reply

    Didn’t had a chance to test 2020.2 yet :/
    Will give a try soon.

    Q - December 20, 2020 reply

    Just tested it. You felt it well man. They changed things on the HDRP shaders. It is broken!
    But I already found a way to fix it. Will post an update soon.

    Sam Z - December 20, 2020 reply

    Yay, great! <3
    (I mean it's great you could fix it, not the broken part)

  • mete kavruk - February 9, 2021 reply

    I feel sometimes hopeless about Unity as can not understand why they do not implement such amazing features as standart or I do not understand things.

  • sam - March 7, 2021 reply

    Is it working with URP?

    Q - March 12, 2021 reply

    I don’t think so. Never tried… but it is built for HDRP especially.

  • Miguel Benitez - March 29, 2021 reply

    Is this working with Unity HDRP 2020.2 or 2020.3lts?

    Q - April 8, 2021 reply

    Should work with 2020.2 indeed. Didn’t have the time to check for latest version unfortunately.

  • Artur Mandas - April 22, 2021 reply

    Hi there. Fantastic job and other projects (Houdini user here). I am looking for a solution to author HDRP (9.00 is enough) terrains for an RTS game (distant view, so tiling is an issue). Can this asset help me with that?

    Q - April 22, 2021 reply

    Hi Artur. Thanks, glad you like it.
    This tool is using the builtin terrain features… So I guess it should work.
    I recently updated the project for 2021.1.2f1.
    But as Unity is changing their HDRP source almost at every release, it’s super hardcore for me, small freelancer, to try to follow them ^^

    Artur Mandas - April 23, 2021 reply

    I perfectly understand you, similar situaion here, trying to keep up with the pace on multiple fronts, with 2 small kids. HDRP is now v. 10 and still feels like a tech demo, with API constantly changing. Anyway, QFX Terrain looks fantastic, probably will give it a shot. Thank you for clear answer.

  • Chris - December 2, 2021 reply

    Hello, it looks quite promising.
    What are your plans for this package.
    Do you plan to make future releases with maybe additional features or improved workflow and give support for upcoming unity versions, or was it more of a one shot?

    Also, how is performance?

    It would be nice to have a downloadable demo, where we maybe can tweak a few settings, have a fly around camera and can see overall performance.

    Thanks, I really hope you keep up the good work, bc at the moment, good-looking unity terrain shaders are pretty rare and this one stands out 🙂

    Q - December 6, 2021 reply

    Thanks for your message Chris.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans for now,… as I’m quite busy with some work for EA until end of 2022 :/

    Performance is good as soon as you set up your tessellation correctly ofc,… but you can also push it to very high details for cutscenes shots or cinematic work.

    For now, the tool/workflow is only working for 2021.1.2f1.
    It’s really a pain in the ass for a small freelancer to try to follow Unity changes. They change core features all the time :((

    About a downloadable demo, that’s a good idea… just need to find some time to prepare it.


  • Michael - February 24, 2023 reply

    Hello Q,

    Great asset, i managed to get it on 2021.3.15f1 LTS with no problem. The GUI fix is actually pretty easy, just had to change the OnGUIOpen to OnGUI for the tessellation shader to work properly. Everything is working great. However I have one small request, would you mind sharing me the houdini project shown in the breakdown video? I have my terrain ready in houdini but I couldnt see from the video how you created the requried splatmaps.

    Thanks again, great tool!!!!

  • MIchael - February 27, 2023 reply

    Hello boss,

    Great asset, still works on 2021 LTS. Do you mind sharing the houdini file so I can take a look at how to create the splatmaps needed for unity? Thanks alot!

    Q - March 3, 2023 reply

    Hey mate,
    Sorry for late reply, busy days ^^
    I just added the Houdini File section to this article where you can download the hip file 😉

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